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May 30, 2008
Outside Magazine
Moots Mooto XZ

   Photo: Mark Weins

Moots Mooto XZ PERFECT FOR: Devotees who insist on the finest ride, in any terrain and at any cost. WHY IT’S COOL: In the carbon age, Moots proves that metal is no anachronism. The titanium Mooto XZ is light and comfortable yet as crisp as any bike out there. The firm single pivot-point suspension—designed for efficient pedaling and staying active under braking—provides a solid feel that, combined with 29-inch wheels, smothers trail noise. BEFORE YOU BUY: Choose components carefully. The heavy Bontrager Race Lite 29er wheelset didn’t do justice to the frame. $3,075 frame and fork; $5,800 as tested; 28.6 lbs (20");

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