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Poach the perfect moment with the latest chip-enhanced optical wizardry

Oct 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Canon's Digital Rebel

Prize Shooter: Canon's Digital Rebel offers SLR muscle for less than a grand.

OUR STORY THIS MONTH BEGINES where many other cool things do: at the beach. That's because the lenses inside every cutting-edge camera and razor-sharp binocular presented on the following pages began life as silica, a.k.a. common sand. And while the soul of these rigs may be true grit, today's sizzle is in the circuitry. Which spells great news for world-beaters and would-be Jeff Corwins. Forget about hustling duffel bags of film around ancient airport X-ray machines—today's top-shelf SLRs stash tens of thousands of stunning photographs on stamp-size memory cards, while tiny videocams crisply capture every variety of wildlife, including that on your local singletrack. We've tested the best of the new chip-enhanced imaging and lensing products—including near-military-grade night vision, and binoculars hardwired for off-road viewing. Go ahead, feast your eyes.

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