Shoot the Rapids

The Amazing Pocket Fisherman and Foam Noir

Sep 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

The tiny PENTAX OPTIO 430RS offers an impressive four megapixels of resolution—that is, each image stores four million dots of information, which makes for crisp enlargements. Meanwhile, the 14 gasket-sealed buttons and dials on the PENTAX O-WP1 waterproof case give you access to virtually every photographic setting and task. Make sure you know your way around the controls, though, since some of the camera's icons can be difficult to read through the plastic shell. If you catch and photograph nine different fish, the Optio's sharp LCD monitor lets you view them all at once, before deleting the little guys. (Camera, $683; housing, $250; 800-877-0155, GOOD CHOICE FOR: ANGLING, BIRDING
Is your boat already brimming with gear? Don't panic. Even inside its waterproof housing, the four-megapixel CANON POWERSHOT S400 DIGITAL ELPH is about the size of a box of animal crackers. The WP-DC800 case allows you to access all camera functions, and you probably won't drop it in the drink, thanks to an ergonomic thumb notch that provides a good grip. Though the housing adds bulk, it comes with a diffusion plate—a patch of frosted plastic that, especially during those moment-of-dread close-ups, helps evenly distribute light from the flash. (Camera, $599; housing, $240; 800-652-2666, GOOD CHOICE FOR: RAFTING, RIVER BOARDING

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