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Boundary Waterproof and Fiesrt Ascent, Mount Megapixel

Sep 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

The ergonomic styling and anti-squint rubber "awning" on the FANTASEA CP-4 PRO housing shades the LCD screen from glare, making this combo a useful tool for the J-stroke set. With four megapixels of resolution, NIKON's COOLPIX 4300 camera will crisply capture a swimming moose. But while the housing buttons let you tap into the digicam's settings, they won't let you turn it on and off. Because the Coolpix has an extendable zoom lens on an already thick body, this combo will appeal to paddlers with plenty of stowage space. (Camera, $499; 800-645-6687,; housing, $179; 203-637-5192, GOOD CHOICE FOR: CANOEING, ROWING

With a zoom lens that extends inside the camera, this is the slimmest waterproof package we tested—perfect for ounce counters. At just two inches thick, the MINOLTA MC-DG100-encased MINOLTA DIMAGE XI is thinner than all the other housing-equipped models shown here, though with the camera's slightly sub-par 3.2 megapixels of resolution, your Annapurna shot won't be quite as sharp when you blow it up. The housing buttons provide remote access to all the camera functions, including voice recording, so mind your language when you're stuck below the crux. (Camera, $599; housing, $249; 201-825-4000, GOOD CHOICE FOR: CLIMBING, TRAVERSING

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