Where the birds are

Jun 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Hal Mayforth

Want to ratchet up your life list in a hurry? Head for these migratory bottlenecks—places where geography, air currents, or weather patterns concentrate millions of migrating birds, from hundreds of different species, along a single avian interstate.

Point Pelee National Park
Where: Leamington, Ontario
When: April-­May
What: After the long haul across Lake Erie, migrating yellowthroats, widgeons, and waxwings--370 species in all—stop for refuge on this narrow spit of land. Call: 519-322-2365

Cape May Point State Park
Where: Cape May Point, New Jersey
When: April-­May
What: Millions of song and seabirds en route from South and Central America to the United States and Canada—more than 400 species, including loons and marsh wrens—take a breather here after their spring flights up the Atlantic Coast. Call: 609-884-2159
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Where: Kempton, Pennsylvania
When: August-­December
What: Trot your spotting scope up 1,540-foot Hawk Mountain to watch goshawks, ospreys, and peregrine falcons as they head for South America. Call: 610-756-6000

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