Phone Your Way Home

Jul 4, 2008
Outside Magazine

Don't want to carry around another gadget? Don't worry—you can turn almost any cell phone into a fully functioning GPS with one of these easy downloads.

Trimble Outdoors AllSport GPS // Best for: Athletes AllSport is a great training tool and a decent navigator. It accurately tracked our distance, elevation, and running, hiking, and biking speeds on road maps or satellite images. One gripe: Maps take a long time to download. Make sure you have a compatible, GPS-enabled phone before buying. $6/month;

Allen Sports Navigator // Best for: Road Warriors Easy-to-use search software calls up 2-D and 3-D maps with pinpoint-accurate voice directions. The only hardware, a Nano-size GPS receiver, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, conserving batteries, and delivers better satellite reception than most GPS phones. The small receiver disappears in your pocket, but that also means it's easy to leave at home. $350;

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