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Dec 5, 2006
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Meru Peak

Glenn Singleman, Heather Swan, and companion Mick Hill climb Meru Peak's summit ridge.    Photo: Daryl Balfour/Getty

91) CloudSat—a satellite that's 1,000 times more sensitive than current weather radar—went into orbit last spring, ushering in a new era of accurate forecasting. Should come in handy on summit day.

92) No one saw you huck that 40-footer? Get proof with *GoPro's Digital Hero Cam. The wrist-mounted unit stores up to 360 images or 32 ten-second video clips. $80; goprocamera.com

93) Move over, GDP; make way for HPI. The Happy Planet Index ranks nations by happiness, life expectancy, and ecological footprint. Out of 178 countries on this year's inaugural list, the U.S. ranked 150th. First place went to the South Pacific's Vanuatu. But who wouldn't be happy there? happyplanetindex.org

94) In April, the Australian husband-and-wife team of Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan hurled themselves off India's 21,850-foot Meru Peak for the world's highest BASE jump.

95) Who says the movie biz has no soul? In 2006, eBay-cofounder-turned-media-mogul Jeff Skoll, through his film company Participant Productions, bankrolled both An Inconvenient Truth and Fast Food Nation.


96) You lookin' at me? Australia's hopping herbivore has a badass ancestor. This summer, Queensland paleontologists discovered new fossil evidence of 10-to-20-million-year-old killer kangaroo species—fanged carnivores that terrorized ancient bandicoots.

97) *Wooden skis that rip. lightningboards.com

98) Rod trip: On his 75,000-mile Fishing Around the Globe journey—which started in Alaska last summer—Dan Cook plans to cast at all the world's premier fishing holes. Plus every creek and pond in between.

99) Make a statement when you travel with Tokyo-based *Hideo Wakamatsu's Easel carry-on. The ABS plastic wheelie is outfitted with a Japanese print (included) or custom art (BYO). $209; hideostore.com

100) Making it look easy: Dr. Edgar Wayburn, five-time Sierra Club president, is credited with protecting 100 million acres of wilderness and doubling the size of the national-park system. Oh, and in September, he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Contributors: Katie Arnold, Aimee Berg, Charles Bethea, Lora Bodmer, Kevin Kennedy, Dennis Lewon, Megan Michelson, Jeremy Spencer, Tom Tiberio, Roy Wallack, Laurel Wamsley, Tess Weaver, Lindsay Yaw

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