PENANCE: Temperance

Nov 29, 2010
Outside Magazine
Spyderco Cricket SS SpyderEdge

Spyderco Cricket SS SpyderEdge    Photo: Courtesy of Spyderco

Penance: Temperance
A recovering gear glutton, I've curbed my profligate ways and now save gobs of cash with a simple formula: Buy once—but very well. I apply this scheme to gifts, too. For instance, any reasonable man wants two particular bits of gear with him every day: a watch and a pocketknife. The former is pretty subjective, and requires a significant investment, so don't count on it, Dad (but I recommend Swiss, with an automatic movement). The latter, though, is a cinch. It just so happens that the Greatest Pocketknife of All Time—Spyderco's ultrathin Cricket SS SpyderEdge (—is only 95 bucks. Heck, you could even throw in some Band-Aids.

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