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Ellsworth Truth

Apr 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Ellsworth Truth

Ellsworth Truth

THE PITCH » An unequaled blend of luxurious suspension and race-worthy efficiency
YOUR MONEY BUYS... The benchmark by which other full-suspension rigs are judged. Ellsworth's patented suspension design means the cranks and shock do only what they're intended to do: move you forward and keep the rear wheel on the ground—and your butt off it. While other brands have worked to close the gap with innovative suspension setups, Ellsworth has outpaced the field with a new Fox rear shock, custom-tuned specifically for the Truth.
THE RIGHT BIKE FOR YOU? For those shopping in the Venn intersection of comfort and speed, this is the top choice. While Ellsworth sells only about a thousand of the hand-built aluminum Truths worldwide each year, the 22-pound bike is a particular favorite of competitors in 24-hour and adventure races, because it's so forgiving on long hauls. The rear end feels plush beyond its four inches of travel, and the bike seems to ride almost ahead of you on the trail, especially on climbs, where the suspension keeps the rear wheel tracking flawlessly over rough terrain. After a few minutes, you'll understand why "It pedals like a Truth" is about the highest compliment any other bike can get. 760-788-7500,

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