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Schwinn Super Sport DBX

Apr 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Schwinn Super Sport DBX

Schwinn Super Sport DBX

THE PITCH » The commuter bike grows up
YOUR MONEY BUYS... A multipurpose ride. The Super Sport DBX utilizes a back-friendly upright riding position and a longer wheelbase for stability. A carbon fork absorbs vibrations, boosting comfort and performance, while disc brakes provide all-conditions stopping power—no need to worry about puddles, rain, or street grime compromising your brakes' ability to grab your rims. Rack mounts and fender clearance make the Super Sport ready for urban or touring utility, while drop bars, skinny tires, and a firm aluminum frame give you the option of opening it up on country roads.
THE RIGHT BIKE FOR YOU? Not everyone wants to race. Yet everyone should benefit from race-bike attributes—like zippy pedaling, advanced frame materials, and fast tires—for commutes, weekend tours, and evening spins. The 22-pound Super Sport is stable and burly enough for speed bumps and urban traffic adventures but sufficiently streamlined for your first century ride. Grab the tops of the bars and take in the sights, or tuck into the drops and turn them into a blur. If you could mate your childhood Schwinn Sting-Ray with a pro road-racing bike, it'd probably turn out a lot like the DBX. 800-724-9466,

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