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Single Knee Dips

Jul 31, 2006
Outside Magazine

Program Instructions:

Single Knee Dips

Purpose: To test single leg strength/endurance and evaluate patellar tracking.

Supplies: Sport Cord (Topper Sports Medicine, black cord)

Description: Cord setup: 1. The athlete places the heel of the foot on the cord. 2. The D ring of the handle is aligned with the knee joint line to remove slack from the cord. 3. Tension is set by pulling the cord handle to the waist line. 4. Having the athlete hook their thumb around their pant line is helpful in maintaining tension on the cord.

The Movement is a 1/3 single knee bend between 30º-60º of flexion. A chair can be utilized to mark 60o for the athlete prior to starting - the athlete's buttocks should lightly touch the chair at 60o of knee flexion.

The Athlete will perform knee bends to 60 degrees at a cadence of 1 second up and 1 second down for a goal of 3 minutes. Two fingers are allowed for balance on a chair back.

Technique: The athlete must perform each repetition without a Trendelenburg sign, the knee locking in full extension, or the patella extending past the toe.

Scoring:1 point is earned for each 30-second increment completed with proper form.

Testing is stopped if the subject is unable to complete with the above form on 5 consecutive repetitions or 10 nonconsecutive repetitions.

Testing is stopped if the patient has pain > 3/10 for 30 seconds.

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