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Forward Run

Jul 31, 2006
Outside Magazine

Forward Run

Purpose:To test lower extremity strength, endurance, and absorption.

Supplies:Sport Cord (Topper Sports Medicine, black cord)

Description: Cord setup: 1. Place waist belt through handles, attach the sport cord end to a door jam or secure post. 2. Attach waist belt. Stand facing away from the wall. 3. The athlete is to maintain a distance in front of the proximal tape line set for the lateral agility test; keeping constant cord tension. 4. A second tape line may be placed at the toes for a visual cue.

Technique:The activity is a forward jog in place. The athlete must hop from one leg to the other using proper form; absorbing energy with each landing by bending at the knee (primary) and the hip (secondary). Instruct the athlete that one point is earned for achieving 30o of knee flexion excursion throughout the test.

Each repetition should take 0.5 seconds per foot. Correct performance of this activity is through proper absorption with knee flexion as the athlete transfers weight onto that extremity. Explain to the athlete that they must land, absorb and maintain control for a goal of 2 minutes. Only one foot should be on the ground at any time.

Scoring: 1 point is earned for every 30 seconds completed with proper form.

Testing is stopped if the subject is unable to complete with the above form on 5 consecutive repetitions or 10 nonconsecutive repetitions.

Testing is stopped if the patient has pain > 3/10 for 30 seconds.

1 point is added for good form/absorption if 30o of knee flexion excursion is achieved throughout the entire 2 minutes.

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