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Oct 12, 2004
Outside Magazine
John Kerry, George W. Bush

John Kerry and George W. Bush cranking away.    Photo: AP

For the first time in history, both major presidential candidates are serious about action sports. President George W. Bush rides singletrack and runs. Senator John Kerry snowboards, windsurfs, and pedals a high-end road bike. This month, in an online exclusive, we take a look at the prospective Dudes in Chief to find who’s really got outdoor cred.

George W. Bush's Tour de Ranch
Surprise! After only four months on a mountain bike, Dubya is tearing up the trails. We saddle up and crank with the prez across his Crawford, Texas, ranch—and try not to get dropped. By Ken Herman [more]

Repackaging Senator Stud
Everyone knows John Kerry has serious athletic skills. So how come he often comes across as a wannabe? We dissect his poser problem and provide a prescription for keeping it real during the final mad sprint to Election Day. By Jason Daley [more]

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