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Nov 22, 2007
Outside Magazine

"America has to be energy independent," the former New York City mayor told a crowd of Iowa voters in July. "Most people will say it's impossible, but I'm very good at doing the impossible." His game plan: ramping up domestic oil drilling and expanding the use of homegrown fuels like coal and nuclear power. "It's absolutely necessary in defeating terrorism!" he said in another speech.

Battle Cry: "When I think of 20 to 30 million people coming out of poverty in India and China, I say to myself, That's great—look at all the new customers. There are a lot of things we can sell to them—including energy independence."

Green Chops: "We have to accept the view that scientists have that there is global warming and that human operations, human conditions contribute to that," Giuliani has said. He supports subsidizing the development of energy sources such as wind and solar. He also touts the unfashionable idea of asking citizens to cut back on energy guzzling: "We have to convince the American people to conserve."

Power Points: Like other GOP contenders, Giuliani backs nuclear power and ethanol and strongly supports King Coal. "America has more coal reserves than Saudi Arabia has oil reserves," he said in July. "Aren't we better off relying on our coal reserves than seeing that money going to the Middle East?"

Hmmm: Giuliani would end the 26-year-old moratorium on drilling off America's coasts: "We have to expand the use of the oil that's within our control," he told voters in July. Meanwhile, he has no specific plan for reducing U.S. oil demands or limiting greenhouse-gas emissions.

Note: This candidate did not respond to our queries, but we did our homework anyway.

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