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Superlative kayaks and accoutrements

Jul 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

You survived the spring runoff. Your combat roll is dialed. You've never been this strong. So now it's time you made a planter out of that 11-foot behemoth of a boat you've been wrestling and time you left Class II waters behind. But where do you go from here? Maybe Class V Idaho river running is your twisted mission. Or perhaps you dream of knocking off cartwheel number 17 in some roadside hole in New Zealand. How about mixing it up on a southeastern dam-release run that's loaded with stellar play spots inaccessible from the road? Regardless, once you've figured out what type of boater you want to be—river runner, rodeo jock, or a bit of each—one of the standout kayaks on the following pages should more than satisfy. As for the other gear that follows—from paddles to earplugs—we've rounded up the best accessories there are, no matter what your paddling pleasure.

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