Osprey Sojourn 25-Inch Rolling Luggage

May 18, 2010
Outside Magazine
Osprey Sojourn 25-Inch Rolling Luggage

   Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

The Sojourn masterfully combines DNA from Osprey's technical packs with perhaps the most intelligent convertible-luggage design available. The foundation is the company's High Road Chassis, an amalgam of high-grade aluminum frame, composite base, fiberglass matrix inlay, ergonomic two-position handle, and large, high-traction wheels. During tramps in Alaska, Colorado, and Mexico, testers gushed about how nimble and balanced the Sojourn felt, testament to the Straight Jacket design, which employs foam sidewalls to compress and center the load like an oversize taco. Its zip-away suspension performed like a real backpack, using load-lifter straps and a sprung back panel that conforms to your physique. Inside the drop door you've got 3,600 cubic inches, with compression straps, front panel, and side mesh pockets for organization. The multiple haul handles were plush and provided excellent lift points for roof-rack tosses. Quibbles? Nada. 7.6 lbs; ospreypacks.com
Practicality: 5
Durability: 5

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