The Knockout Workout

Essential Gear, PT II

Jul 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

SPARRING STYLE: Right, polyester-and-spandex crew ($48) by Nike; polyester-and-spandex shorts ($30) by Banana Republic; leather-and-nylon-mesh boxing shoes ($80) by Everlast; left, polyester-and-cotton hoodie ($62) by Puma; polyester-and-spandex T-shirt ($25) by Nike; cotton-and-polyester shorts ($34) by Puma; boxing shoes ($150) by Adidas

Title Platinum Double End Bag
The double-end bag is the closest you'll come to the ducking and jiving of actual in-the-ring sparring: This one fights back. Suspend the eight-inch leather sphere between floor and ceiling on cords, as pictured above. Once hit, it'll reel back like an opponent's head, then swing forward in a wicked counterpunch. "Hit the double-end bag and get out of the way," says Bruce Silverglade, owner of Gleason's Gym, in Brooklyn. "Otherwise it's gonna come back and pop you in the nose."

Ringside Original Super Bag Gloves
"Good gloves evenly distribute the padding," says Dave Gaudette, of the Front Range Boxing Academy, in Boulder. Any weight up to 16 ounces will work, but beginners should go with six-ouncers to avoid needlessly exhausting themselves. Tip: Strong leather is durable, but stitching accuracy can vary. Whichever brand you choose, inspect before you buy.

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