The Knockout Workout

Essential Gear, PT I

Jul 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

BLUE STREAK: Polyester-and-spandex singlet ($25) by Nike; polyester shorts ($20) by Russell Athletic; leather-and-nylon-mesh boxing shoes ($80) by Everlast

Title Mexican Style Handwraps
Cotton hand wraps will protect your tendons and bones as you unload the day's frustrations on the bag. Of the two varieties—traditional and Mexican style, which are thinner and slightly elastic—trainers who prefer the latter argue that they more closely conform to the hands. Either way, look for at least 180 inches of length and a Velcro closure to secure the loose end.

Ringside Spar-Mate Timer
The workout on page 50 is designed around the three-minute interval, which represents a round in the ring. The Spar-Mate timer pictured here punctuates sessions—plus 30-second or one-minute rest periods—with buzzers and lights. It's a vital tool, because you won't want to take your eyes off the bag to consult a wall clock. Skeptical? Try fussing with an egg timer when you're wearing gloves.

Cleto Reyes Speed Striking Bag
The speed bag builds killer hand-eye coordination, but it's also one of the more challenging exercises in the gym. Expect to invest months before you get that Hilary Swank rhythm going. Start out slow (as in one thump per second) with a seven-by-ten-inch medium-size bag like the Cleto Reyes shown here, inflated to about 90 percent of capacity.

Nike Eight-Pound Strength Training Ball
Nubby rubber has edged out leather as the material of choice for that classic torture-training tool, the medicine ball. The rough surface texture helps improve your sweaty grip on these beasts, which range in weight from four to 20 pounds. Rubber wears faster than leather, but unlike hide, the bouncy stuff will retain its shape longer.

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