The Goods: Sport Climbing

Ten indispensable cragging tools—don't leave the ground without them

May 17, 2006
Outside Magazine
Sport Climbing

Photograph by Jens Mortensen

1. FADERS SUM // Finally: an auto-locking belay device that works with ropes down to 9.1mm. $80;

2. TRANGO SQUID // Extend your reach with this clever stick clip—attach it to Trango's eight-foot rod (sold separately) or your own painter's pole and it eliminates high first clips and lets you retrieve hanging draws. $30;

3. C.A.M.P. QUARTZ HARNESS // The trick auto-adjusting leg loops are Barcalounger comfortable. $65;

4. FIVE TEN RETRO TENNIE // With grippy Stealth-rubber soles and hip skater looks, this shoe is built for rough granite—or concrete—approaches. $65;

5. MAD ROCK ROPE BUCKET // Origami meets jack-in-the-box: The bucket keeps rope in check with stiff, high sides but tacos flat for storage. $20;

6. METOLIUS MONSTER MARKER ROPE // How's this for forehead-slapping innovation? The rope's ends and halfway point are marked by special threads extending from the sheath as well as a distinct ridge you can feel in the dark. $205 for the dry-treated 9.8mm;

7. BLACK DIAMOND POSITRON QUICKDRAW // With smooth, key-lock 'biners and tucked-away rubber housing, these smart draws provide lightning-fast clips. $17;

8. MONTRAIL MAGNET // A stiff, slightly cambered lace-up rock shoe for high-performance edging, with the plush custom fit of thermomoldable foam. $100;

9. BLURR EVILUTION // This gear bag is tough enough for the crags but not out of place at the gym café. Bonus: Now PVC-free. $100;

10. KRIEG CLIMBING SPECIAL-K CHALKBAG // Same perfect design, sharp new look. $21;

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