Essentials: Floating


May 17, 2006
Outside Magazine

Photograph by Jens Mortensen

1. With engineering help from Johns Hopkins University, WHITEWATER RESEARCH & SAFETY INSTITUTE sets a new standard for melon protection with its WRSI CURRENT WATER HELMET. $70;

2. Minimize skin irritation from surf wax or your PFD with DAKINE's Lycra PERFORMANCE RASHGUARD. $36;

3. TEVA's latest bootie, the 3.2mm neoprene split-toe P-2, provides low-profile protection, traction, and warmth. $80;

4. STICKY BUMPS' surf wax, STICKY GUM, is tackier than other brands for optimum traction. $1;

5. Avoid greasy palms—and a nasty burn—with SOL SUNGUARD's SPF 30+ waterproof zinc oxide HANDS FREE FACE GUARD stick. $8;

6. Design your own top-shelf SUPERFREAK BOARDSHORT with O'NEILL's new custom online program. $80;

7. Cut the cornea-cooking glare with DAKINE's wide-brimmed INDO HAT. $29

8. With a watertight, form-fitting seal, DOC'S PROPLUGS prevent exostosis (a bony growth in the ear canal that surfers and kayakers can develop) without throwing off your balance. $10;

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