Paolo Marchesi

May 9, 2008
Outside Magazine
Photographer Paolo Marchesi

Paolo Marchesi    Photo: Photograph by John Clark

"John was very, very focused and into the moment," says Marchesi, 39, of his counterpart, John Clark. "He was pretty intense, and I can get pretty intense too, so it was fun." If there's one thing the Bozeman, Montana–based Marchesi knows, it's focus. While diving in Micronesia on a personal project, he became so intent on photographing the barracuda that he ran out of air at 70 feet. Fortunately, he got the attention of a nearby dive master just in time. Marchesi agreed to head underwater again for Outside, to shoot Humboldt squid for a July 2006 story. "I didn't know if I was going to come back in one piece," he says.

On Marchesi: Heritage Military Shirt ($79) by Banana Republic; Trouleg 8HL jeans ($220) by Diesel.

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