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Dec 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

[1] A downturned toe and concave sole make the MAD ROCK LOCO climbing shoe a snug fit for overhanging routes. Breathable nylon-mesh uppers keep your feet cool, while cinched-down rubber straps keep 'em locked in. ($90; 800-959-5792, [2] A 2.3-ounce TRANGO SUPERFLY quickdraw is as light and fast as a hummingbird. Thanks to proprietary hot-forging and sling-sewing techniques, a full rack of these could save more than a pound over competing setups. ($85 for five; 800-860-3653, [3] A set of colored dots engraved into METOLIUS's new RANGE FINDER cams indicate whether you're using an appropriately sized piece for the crack at hand. Visible green blips mean your pro is safely tensioned. Seeing red? Reach for the next size up. ($54-$70; 541-382-7585, [4] When every ounce counts, break out a 9.4mm DOMINATOR from BLUEWATER ROPES. One of the lightest 60-meter lariats available, it weighs in at just over seven pounds and is rated to seven falls by the UIAA, climbing's international standards body. ($165; 770-834-7515, [5] Rock rats nursing the broad, shallow cuts known as flappers find relief in JOSHUA TREE CLIMBING SALVE, a healing blend of oils and herbs like calendula and comfrey. ($10; 800-933-3197,

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