Need to Know: Storm Shells

Storm Shells

May 18, 2006
Outside Magazine

In the Store: Know thy destination: If you like to bash through rainforests in the Northwest, perhaps that seven-ounce wonder isn't for you. Look for a full-coverage cut, good hood and cuff protection, and strong fabric at the elbows and shoulders.

If you prefer aerobic day trips in the Rockies, a highly breathable soft shell may be just the ticket.

In the Field: To prevent overheating on the trail, dress so that you're slightly chilled when at rest.

Open pit zips and remove layers before you start sweating.

At Home: Soft and storm shells alike are treated with a DWR finish—which invariably loses effectiveness over time and after repeated washings.

When you notice that water no longer beads off, use an aftermarket DWR treatment from Nikwax, McNett, or Granger's.

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