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Victorinox Climber Knife ($30;

Nov 20, 2003
Outside Magazine

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In recent years the so-called "multi-tool" has become an item de rigueur in many a hiker's pack. And it's true that many of these gadgets offer useful features (in particular, the pliers function). But they're heavy! And, expensive—$50 and up.

Then there is the original multi-tool: The Swiss Army knife. Light, compact, loaded with useful features—it's no surprise that the Swiss Army knife has become a synonym for, well, a very useful thing. To me, the Swiss Army knife of Swiss Army knives is the Victorinox Climber, made by the company that pioneered the Swiss Army knife. The Climber has ten tools that are useful a dozen times a day—two knife blades, can/bottle opener, two screwdrivers, wire stripper, scissors, reamer with sewing eye, corkscrew, hook, toothpick, and tweezers. It fits easily into any pocket, or attaches to a belt or climbing harness with a lanyard ring.

I can't even recall when I got my first Swiss Army knife—probably 20 years ago. And I've never been without one since. For field repairs on balky stoves, cutting blister pads, whittling kindling for a fire (only where allowed, of course!), or picking teeth after a tasty meal of freeze-dried...whatever, there is simply NO match for the Climber.

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