Bringing It All Back Home

If you lived here, you'd be fit now! Our three high-style gyms will take you there.

Jan 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
home gym

   Photo: Art Streiber

Home Rules

Once you've got the perfect gym setup, get the goods on a weekly guide to maximum fitness. And for those sans the green to get that perfect weight-training system we offer an overview of no-tech workout options.

TIME FLIES WHETHER YOU'RE HAVING FUN or not, and one of the first things yanked on a busy day is your workout. But you can reverse that effect with an intelligent invention called the home gym, which lets you skip the minute-munching trips to and from the local sweat lodge and rack up time for fun instead. Just ask Karen Merrill, an Oahu-based personal trainer and formerly time-starved triathlete, who built a personal fitness sanctum for the superefficiency and sweet convenience. "At home," she says, "no one bothers me. It's guaranteed I'll get my workout in."

Merrill's got company: The number of homemade athletes is at 9.3 million, up 3 million in the past decade. Join this exclusive club via our simple guide to building your choice of three style-specific gyms, then try the smart workouts designed for these fresh environs by Merrill and yoga guru Steve Ilg. You'll soon be wringing the most out of every day.

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