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Jan 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: Art Streiber

1. The submerged paddle wheel and hardwood construction of the WATERROWER ROWING MACHINE provide a full-body experience that'll make you think you're pulling oars on a river. $995; 800-852-2210,

2. With BALANCED BODY's spring-loaded rock maple STUDIO REFORMER ($2,995), you can do about 300 Pilates exercises, converting resistance into strength and flexibility. The matching GONDOLA POLE ($29) can help you stay balanced during tricky standing moves. 800-745-2837,

3. The ergonomic BROOKS WATERBOY HANDHELD WATER BOTTLE holds 21 ounces of liquid with effortless aplomb. $17; 800-227-6657,

4. Swivel bearings on the AERO SPEED JUMP ROPE make for smooth, superfast spinning, and the adjustable length fits the rope to your height. $35; 800-953-5867,

5. Use EVERLAST's nine-pound leather MEDICINE BALL for more intense stomach crunches. $45; 800-777-0313,

6. Strike any yoga pose with CUSTOM YOGA PROPS' nylon WALL ROPES ($65 each). Its hollow Baltic birch BLOCKS ($18 each) are perfect for the workout detailed on page 44. 888-870-2600,

7. Put something natural underfoot with BAREFOOT YOGA's cotton, moisture-absorbent MYSORE YOGA RUG. $42; 877-227-3366,

8. FITTERFIRST's CLASSIC EXERCISE BALL is a staple for any core-strength routine. $23–$35, depending on size; 800-348-8371,

On Him: Cotton MANTIS knickers ($50) by PRANA (800-557-7262,; merino-wool VERSAWEIGHT CREW ($75) and fitted MICROWEIGHT TEE ($50) by SMARTWOOL (800-550-9665,; VAPOR TRAINER shoes ($110) by NIKE (800-806-6453,

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