<em>The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst</em> By Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall (1970)

No. 5

Oct 27, 2009
Outside Magazine
International Marine/McGraw-Hill

In the fall of 1968, Donald Crowhurst set sail from England in the world's first singlehanded nonstop round-the-world sailboat race. Although he designed marine navigation devices, Crowhurst was an inexperienced sailor and bluffed his way into the event. Facing the humiliation of failure, he pulled a Rosie Ruiz: He hid in the South Atlantic for weeks, faking radio silence, then proclaimed himself the elapsed-time leader. Crow­hurst's boat was found weeks later, adrift in the mid-Atlantic, its captain nowhere in sight. Tomalin and Hall reconstruct Crowhurst's life, his fatal deception, and his descent into madness.

Filed To: Culture, Sailing

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