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Squats, Lateral Reed Reps, Bear-Squat Biceps Curls, and Extended Yogi Squats

Jan 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
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Superset 4: Squats and Lateral Reed Reps

1. SQUATS Drop drown until your thighs are parallel to the floor; keep arms and torso as close to vertical as possible. 2. LATERAL REED REPS Flex to the right as far as possible without bending your arms or legs; hold for 30 seconds; flex to the left for 30 seconds.
» Repeat the superset once.
1. BEAR-SQUAT BICEP CURLS Curl one hand to shoulder while simultaneously pressing down with other hand and repeat slowly for 30 seconds; reverse arms and repeat. 2. EXTENDED YOGI SQUATS Hold arms parallel to floor, keeping torso as vertical as possible.
» Repeat the superset once.

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