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Olympus PT-030 Underwater Housing

May 16, 2006
Outside Magazine
Olympus PT-030 Underwater Housing

Olympus PT-030 Underwater Housing

Are you really going to travel all the way to Palau for the dive of a lifetime and come back with . . . postcards? Bring home your own subaquatic pictures by pairing your Olympus digicam with this sophisticated underwater camera housing. Made of a transparent polycarbonate with cherry-red accents, Olympus's new PT-030 housing for the eight-megapixel SP-350 opens like a locket, then seals up watertight with a rubber O-ring and two locks. On the back are large, clearly labeled buttons that line up with the camera's controls, providing easy access to all functions—even macro, to capture the tiniest blenny. And it's not just for budding Cousteaus. The PT-030 is light and compact enough for kayaking, sailing, and fishing. So now you can show your friends how big those rapids—or fish—really were.

Olympus PT-030 Underwater Housing $300

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