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TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

May 16, 2006
Outside Magazine
TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

TAG Heuer Link Chronograph

My lustful fantasies generally lean toward custom road bikes, convertible sports cars, and vacations that require passports. But that was before I laid eyes on this watch. To say it's merely for telling time is like saying a ride from Waterford Precision Cycles is for getting around town. This particular Link, with its milky mother-of-pearl face, is inset with 72 sparkling diamonds weighing a collective 0.91 carats. The first time I fastened its sleek and sexy stainless-steel band around my wrist, I felt like I'd just slipped on one of Wonder Woman's indestructible wristbands. Time was suddenly mine. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous—and far more useful than a diamond ring, which has no function other than to scream "I'm taken!"—this TAG has a one-tenth-second timer and is waterproof down to 650 feet. The only downside? I'll never again be able to blame tardiness on an inaccurate timepiece.

TAG Heuer Link Chronograph $3,995

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