Modernerican Landscapes

Jul 28, 2006
Outside Magazine
William Lamson

Blue Earth County, Minnesota. Click here for full gallery.   

WILLIAM LAMSON takes a road trip every year in search of modern American landscapes, but, says the 28-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer, "you don't always find things to shoot when you're out driving around." Which is why a series of "self-portraits," in which Lamson figures more as prop than subject, seemed the perfect side project. "So much of photography is design--arranging objects in space," he says. Using a cable release both to trip the shutter and divide the frame, Lamson made the images in this photo gallery with a Fuji six-by-nine rangefinder camera and Superia 100 print film. ("It's like $1.79 a roll," he says, "the cheapest Fuji makes.").

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