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May 15, 2006
Outside Magazine

With even the mid-grade digicams sporting five-megapixel sensors—good enough for high-quality prints up to about eight by ten inches—the megapixel race is over. Good news for you, as the new battleground will be over features and price.

LCD screens continue to get bigger and sharper. This year, several companies will unveil three-inch LCDs.

With its Wi-Fi-equipped digicams, Nikon helped usher photography into the wireless world last year. Soon, we'll be e-mailing pictures directly from cameras to the Web.

Image-stabilization technology—once a luxury affordable to pros only—has crept into affordable point-and-shoots. What's it mean? Tiny internal gyroscopes counteract normal handheld camera shake, producing sharper images. As zoom lenses become longer, expect this feature to become standard.

No need to ration memory cards. Gadgets like MP3 players and PDAs are becoming more camera-friendly, letting you store—and view—images as you go.

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