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Mulholland Brothers Safari Bag

May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine
Mulholland Brothers Safari Bag

Mulholland Brothers Safari Bag

You'll never have to brave a gantlet of booby traps, swipe an artifact from an ancient temple, and barely outrun a giant rolling boulder. That only happens in movies. But you can still lust after a bag worthy of such a caper—which is exactly why we love San Francisco–based Mulholland Brothers' Safari Bag. Its zipperless, wide-mouth opening reveals a single compartment, which makes for quick packing if you have to flee in a hurry. But what makes this duffel ooze epic-journey charm is its luxurious, indestructible, honey-colored hide. Each bag is hand-crafted from the same type of leather Pony Express riders used for saddles and saddlebags more than a century ago. Which, in addition to sounding cool, makes this bag look even better with age: The more trips you take, the more waxy tannins the leather releases. And that, serendipitously, makes you want to take more trips.

Mulholland Brothers Safari Bag $850

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