Visionaries Peter Yee and Hans Moritz

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Oct 5, 2009
Outside Magazine
Peter Yee and Hans Moritz

   Photo: Photograph by Emily Shur

Left: On Yee: Nautica solid long-sleeve button-down shirt ($70); Oakley Classic Denim Pant in Utilitarian Vintage ($49) and Time Bomb II 10th Anniversary Edition watch ($2,750); Kenneth Cole New York Dark Room boots ($195)

Right: On Moritz: J.Crew Stockton racing jacket ($795) and Straight-Fit five-pocket vintage cords ($70); Oakley Ransom Tee ($30) and Cross­hair sunglasses (from $135)

When you consider that Oakley is known for both revolutionizing performance eyewear and birthing the modern aggro-cool sporting aesthetic, it can be eyebrow-raising to learn that even their most technical designs still begin with a doodle on paper. "We're trying to appeal to people's sense of freedom and rebellion," says senior design director Yee, 41, who's had a hand in crafting more than 100 products since joining the company in 1993. "That's not something you can just squeeze out of a computer." Yee's latest project, which eventually involved many computers, had him working with Moritz, 38, and other members of Oakley's Advanced Product Design group on the new Elite collection. The economy-be-damned label includes the $4,000 C Six; each pair requires more than 24 hours of machining. Says Yee, "It's the culmination of blue-sky ideas merging with real-world physics."

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