The DNA Diet

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Oct 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

If you're intrigued by DNA nutrition testing and want to see which foods may help you reach your performance peak, these three labs can get you started.

» For $495, Genelex will send you a Sciona self-testing kit. After the lab work is completed, a nutritionist will call to explain your results and how to alter your diet to take advantage of what the test found. 800-523-3080,

» Like Sciona, Global DNA Solutions looks at 19 genes in its analysis. Included in the $695 price is a two-hour phone consultation with a staff nutritionist, followed by regular checkups over the phone to see how you're progressing. 866-810-3809

» Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab conducts more than 125 different medical tests, including five for genomics. They require a licensed nutritionist, chiropractor, or doctor to order the test for you. Cost varies with the practitioner. 800-522-4762,

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