Olympic Almanac

The Official Flabbergasting TriviaTM of the 2002 Winter Games

Volume, in gallons, of Olympian urine that the University of California, Los Angeles, will test for illegal performance-enhancing substances: 20

Estimated number of potential Olympic visitors who will stay home because of terrorism fears, according to Thayne Robson, researcher with the University of Utah's business school: 300,000

Original retail price for the Green Gelatin Lapel Pin, a souvenir badge depicting a bowl of green Jell-O that honors Utah's status as the nation's leader in the dessert's consumption: $7

Market value of the pin among collectors: $150

Number of Utah public-school students who will be excused from classes during Olympic events because of security and safety concerns: 14,996

Number of free hamburgers expected to be consumed by athletes at the Olympic Village McDonald's outlet: 135,000

Pounds of kimchi imported by the Olympic Village kitchen for Korean athletes: 1,500

Total events in the "Donut Olympics" to be held February 8 to 24 at Salt Lake City's Tommie's Donuts: 5

Glazed donuts consumed in a two-minute period by the current "donut luge" champion: 9

Distance, in miles, from which a set of 160-foot-diameter Olympic rings—illuminated and mounted 6,000 feet high in Salt Lake City's Twin Peaks—will be visible each night of the Games: 10

Gallons of 2002 Unofficial Amber Ale expected to flow from the taps of Salt Lake City's Wasatch Brewing Company during the Games: 19,000

Minimum bid required by eBay seller for 18 nights' exclusive use of a 6,000-square-foot historic downtown mansion with four floors plus round-the-clock concierge service and a 2,200-square-foot entertaining area "ideal for hosting large groups of 60 or 70 people": $65,000

Damage deposit required: $20,000

Speed, in feet per second, that a bullet travels when fired by a Fortner .22 biathlon rifle: 1,100

Speed, in feet per second, that a bullet travels when fired by a National Guard regulation M-16 semiautomatic rifle: 3,300

From Outside Magazine, Feb 2002

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