May 15, 2007
Outside Magazine

The key to great glasses is the tint, which should filter enough light to cut brightness and eyestrain, but without filtering out so much that vision actually suffers. Which is why photochromic lenses, which automatically adjust tint to changing light conditions, are so popular now. Use this guide to find the best color/tint for where you live and what you do.

Rose: Makes details pop when light is flat, especially against blue backgrounds. Best for: cycling, driving, and snow- and watersports.

Yellow: Increases visual acuity in low-light conditions. Best for: cycling, running.

Blue-gray: Cuts glare and preserves natural colors. Best for: sea kayaking and surfing.

Brown/amber: A universal tint that improves depth perception and reduces glare on sunny to partly cloudy days. Reduces eyestrain caused by haze. Best for: running, biking, hiking, watersports.

Gray: Allows you to see colors in their most natural, unfiltered state. Best for: running, biking, hiking, and watersports.

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