LOST & FOUND: Reports from the field

SAR tales from veterans who were there.

Jan 2, 2002
Outside Magazine
Masters of Disaster

Meet six of the best in the SAR business: unsung pioneers, backcountry veterans, and saviors of the last resort.
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On the origins
Wolf Bauer, Founder, Mountain Rescue Association

On paying for searches and rescues
Charley Shimanski, Executive director of American Alpine Club and Education Director for Mountain Rescue Association

On balancing the victim's safety with the rescue team's
Tim Cochrane, Vail Mountain Rescue Group

On double jeopardy
Butch Farabee, the first National Emergency Services Coordinator for the National Park Service

On water rescues
Butch Farabee

On body recoveries
Butch Farabee

On the Oregon Episcopal School Accident and emergency locator beacons
Rocky Henderson, Current President of Mountain Rescue Association

On searches for nonexistent victims
Rocky Henderson

On high altitude SAR
Daryl Miller, South District Ranger for Denali National Park

On searches with dogs
Evan Jones, Assistant Chief Ranger, Yosemite National Park

On celebrity rescues
Jim Prendergast, San Miguel County (CO) Sheriff's Department and San Miguel Search and Rescue Team

On jury-rigged SAR gear
Bill May, past president and group leader of Rocky Mountain Rescue (Boulder, CO)

On the notorious Torp SAR near Aspen
Tom McCabe, former president Mountain Rescue-Aspen

On less-than-helpful searchees
Charley Shimanski

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