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Explore 100 Countries, Fight for a Cause, Swim a Bioluminescent Sea, Cannonball a Cliff, Make a Martini, Circle the Earth, Run for Office

Jan 1, 2006
Outside Magazine

Explore 100 countries. (Sorry, airport layovers don't count.)

Pick a cause and fight for it.

Swim in a bioluminescent sea.
Taking a nighttime dip in Puerto Rico's Laguna Grande is like shaking a glow stick from the inside. This tropical alcove near Fajardo, on the island's northeast side, is swarming with dinoflagellates, single-celled critters that produce a burst of bluish light when they're bumped by a moving boat or a flailing arm. Yokahú Kayak Trips takes groups of two or more in sit-on-top kayaks for $35 per person, including 15 minutes of swim time. 787-604-7375

Cannonball off a cliff.

Make the perfect martini. "A great martini is anything but easy," says Dale DeGroff, the celebrated mixologist who honed his skills at New York's Rainbow Room before founding the Museum of the American Cocktail, opening soon in Las Vegas and New York. Pointers: Chill the glass, not the vodka; use French dry vermouth and premium vodka or gin; and—with apologies to James Bond—stir, don't shake. Dale's Perfect Martini (www.kingcocktail.com) contains three ounces of gin and a quarter-ounce of vermouth, garnished with chilled Spanish olives without pimento, plus a twist of lemon.

Circle the Earth from Space
Virginia-based Space Adventures (888-857-7223, www.spaceadventures.com) offers eight days—that's about 128 orbits—aboard the International Space Station for $20 million. Pinching pennies? The successful launch and reentry of Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne has experts projecting $100,000 low-orbit flights by 2008.

Run for Office

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