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Greenhouse Gases

Apr 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Greenhouse Gases

   Photo: Joseph Rafferty

Green Light On

Twice a month, ride your bike to work, play, school, or the store and reduce 360 pounds of auto pollution annually. Ride once a week and you'll double that emission omission.

Modern life—from driving to jetting—has unavoidable enviro costs. How high are yours? Go online and check out your "carbon-dioxide footprint," a calculation of the amount of greenhouse gases that your existence generates. Then shrink your footprint with simple lifestyle tweaks (see the "Green Light On" boxes on these pages). Or, for as little as $15, let groups like Future Forests (www.futureforests.com), Climate Care (www.climatecare.org), or Trees for the Future (www.plant-trees.org) offset your CO2 by planting trees or supporting clean-energy projects. Read up—and erase your trace.

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