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Apr 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Green Light On

To reduce wattage waste, avoid using the hot-water setting on your washing machine (warm and cold temps get most duds clean)—and use the sensor-driven auto-dry setting on your dryer.

His year kicked off with a Golden Globe for best actor, he's made nearly 20 films (for which he now rakes in a rumored $20 million a pop), and he's only 30 years old. Could life get any better for Leonardo DiCaprio? Yeah, he'll tell you: The world could be a lot cleaner. Few stars push the green message as hard as DiCaprio—and he doesn't just roll up to the red carpet in a Prius (the only kind of car he owns) to do it.

DiCaprio didn't always live the life of e's. In 1998, a gorgeous beach on Thailand's Phi Phi Leh Island got bulldozed during the making of his movie The Beach. But that year he also launched an enviro foundation in his name. Its Web site ( is a cyber-bullhorn, packed with news and "take action" tips about global warming, biodiversity, and sustainability. He supports groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green USA. And, along with Global Green and Tree Media Group, he's also writing and narrating movie shorts about conservation. Leila Corners-Peterson—Tree Media's president and one of DiCaprio's co-writers for the films—says the star never lets his green work slip. "Even in the midst of the Golden Globes," she told Outside, "he e-mailed me and asked me where we were with everything. I think that speaks a lot to who he is."

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