May 17, 2007
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womens yoga gear

1. STONEWEAR DESIGNS APEX DRESS » You could practice yoga in this super-comfortable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, polyester/spandex sundress, but it's far more fun to save it for knocking around after class. $56;

2. STONEWEAR DESIGNS FUSE TOTE BAG » This heavy-duty, flat-bottomed bag has an interior mesh water-bottle carrier, yoga-mat holders inside and out, and space for clothes, shower supplies, and snacks. $46

3. PATAGONIA STEFKA TOP » Even Adho Mukha Vrksasana (the handstand) feels easier in this top. The formfitting nylon/spandex fabric wicks moisture, dries fast, and doesn't show sweat. The double-fabric bodice keeps everything in place, even when you're upside down. $40;

4. PRANA E.C.O. STICK MAT » With no PVC, this eco-mat will eventually disappear—or at least slowly biodegrade into water and other harmless components. $44;

5. PRANA PAIGE SHORT » Free your legs and your mind will follow. The cool and stretchy Paige shorts are perfect for sweaty practitioners of Bikram. $37

6. STONEWEAR DESIGNS LOLA HOODY » With buttery-soft four-way stretch fabric, the Lola will lull you to sleep during Savasana. $60

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