May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine

1. Trunks » Let's be blunt: If you've ever worn the same pair of surf trunks for a week straight and contracted a gnarly case of inner-thigh rash, you know the value of good shorts. Pick up a pair of JET PILOT's BOAT TRIP TRUNKS, which have a hidden ultrathin Lycra liner that prevents chafe-induced rash. $60;

2. Mild-Conditions Wetsuit » Santa Cruz, California's HOTLINE has been making top-shelf wetsuits in small batches since 1979. The company's latest offering, the 3mm/2mm PHOENIX offers the perfect amount of warmth for everyday surfing in water 55 degrees and above. $315;

3. Cold-Conditions Wetsuit » Sometimes the best waves come when the water's frigid. Which is why O'NEILL designed the MUTANT, with its 5mm/4mm/3mm neoprene—in the chest, legs, and arms, respectively. And if it gets ice- cream-headache cold out there, simply zip on the modular neck and hood system. $315;

4. Top » QUIKSILVER's CELL CL-3 jacket doesn't feel thick enough to keep you toasty when there's a chill in the air and water. Which is exactly the point. Its one-millimeter-thick stretch neoprene is plenty warm for cool (not freezing) days, yet so comfy and flexible you'll forget you're wearing it. $90;

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