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Apple's iPhone makes all previous smartphones look, well, kinda dumb

May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine

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InnovationThink iPod on steroids, matched with a phone and breakthrough portable Web browsing. The iPhone, to be released in June (8GB, $599;, has a stunningly vivid 3.5-inch screen. And the slick touch interface eliminates the mass of controls that clutters the faces of most smartphones.

EntertainmentIn addition to being quad-band GSM capable (translation: international), the iPhone is like a pocket-size entertainment center with an 8GB memory and bright widescreen display. Watch movies and television shows, play games, and tune in to audio files.

InformationGoodbye, guidebooks. Hello, instant answers. With advanced Web browsing through Safari, the iPhone incorporates Google Maps so you can view maps, satellite images, traffic information, and directions on the large screen. It can also upload podcasts with travel info (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.) through iTunes, and with Edge and Wi-Fi connectivity you'll stay connected from Barcelona to Sheboygan.

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