Squat Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

May 7, 2009
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Illustrations by Chris Philpot

Work these moves into your strength training once or twice a week. Do two sets of ten for each.

Squat Circuit

1. DEPTH SQUATS: Hold a straight stick or unweighted bar across your upper back and shoulders. With feet a little more than shoulder width apart, lower as far as you can, taking care not to round your back. Keep your heels on the ground, knees above your toes, and look straight ahead, not up.

2. TARGET SQUATS: Starting in a squat position, use a two-handed chest pass to throw a medicine ball at a target= ten feet up on a facing wall. Drop into a squat as you catch the ball.

3. SPLIT SQUATS: With dumbbells hanging in each hand, drop into a lunge position on your forward leg; do ten on each side.

4. WALL SQUATS: See story. You can use a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell.

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