Survive This!

Rejected–twice!–by the people behind the phony "reality-based" TV adventure show, our vengeful writer pays a surprise visit to Survivor's Island shoot to wreak some authentic havoc.

Jul 1, 2000
Outside Magazine
A COUPLE OF DAYS later, just minutes into my flight home, I looked down and there were the islands of Pulau Tiga Park, surrounded by shallow seas precisely the same shade of blue as the bottles of Sapphire I'd left on those very beaches.

"Tag," I whispered. "You're it."

Weary, but happy that I had finally flushed William Golding from my soul and was going home, I leaned back and opened my newspaper.

Holy moly! Here was a squib about a new reality show that CBS intends to film this summer. It's called Big Brother, and it centers around ten people confined for three months inside a house in Los Angeles, where they must bake their own bread, grow their own vegetables, and tend to a flock of chickens. The winner gets $500,000.  

Correspondent Bill Vaughn wrote about restoring his ice-skating pond in the January issue.

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