The Outside 25 All-Stars

Dec 1, 2000
Outside Magazine

Number 1 has been up and down Everest five times. Number 25 published the best sports autobiography of the year and won the Tour de France for the second time in a row. Number 9 walked across Antarctica, alone. Number 23 sailed 200 miles back into the teeth of a deadly Southern Ocean storm to rescue a fellow competitor. In assembling our list of today's 25 most extraordinary adventurers, outdoor athletes, and explorers, it was the existential question—the big "Why?"—that made the nomination and selection process such a blast. Ours is a roster of supreme equals: remarkable men and women who excel in sports that aren't played between lines, inside domed stadiums, or under artificial lights. Hype is anathema to these elite spirits; freedom and humility are absolutes in their world. Best of all, these folks challenge us to go out there and do it ourselves—even as they redefine our notions of the possible. Meet our Dream Team: Where they go, we follow.

25. Lance Armstrong
24. Francine Moreillon
23. Giovani Soldini
22. Andrew McLean
21. Shannon Carroll
20. Bjorn Daehlie
19. John Howard
18. Karleen Jeffery
17. Göran Kropp
16. Louise Hose
15. Laird Hamilton
14. Doug Swingley
13. Scott Lindgren
12. Anne-Caroline Chausson
11. Johan Reinhard
10. Josune Bereziartu
9. Børge Ousland
8. Eric Jackson
7. Tomaz Humar
6. Lori Bowden
5. Kevin Pritchard
4. Layne Beachley
3. Jeremy Jones
2. Tommy Caldwell
1. Ed Viesturs

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