Tiffany and Jason Campbell

Rising Stars

Jun 1, 2000
Outside Magazine

33 and 28, respectively.

Years married:

Years living in a 27-foot trailer:

Latest claims to fame:
In January he climbed Necessary Evil, an astonishing 5.14c route at the Virgin River Gorge, in Arizona. A week before, she'd redpointed a nearby 5.13d dubbed Hell Comes to Frogtown.

His experience:
"I felt as though I was watching myself from a camera behind my head." 

"One time, I missed the hold, fell, and came three feet from hitting the ground." 

Why, two years ago, Jason entrusted his life to a box of flimsy plant-hangers:
A local had removed the bolts and hangers from a Wild Iris, Wyoming, route in an effort to prevent Jason from climbing it first. Short on gear and unable to get a helping hand from the local climbing shop, he sought protection in a hardware store—and tackled the route. 

The price Tiffany pays for her physique:
"Girls will squeeze my arm, saying, 'I want to touch your biceps!'"

Why she's publicly dissed the American Sport Climbing Federation's management of the U.S. Climbing Team:
"They have used our names to raise their funds but we have never seen one penny."

Why the federation has dissed her:
"Quite honestly," says board member Jim Waugh, "the ASCF can hardly pay for anything right now." 

Jason's goal for June:
Kryptonite, near Rifle, Colorado—the only U.S. rock climb rated (tentatively) 5.14d. 

The 7 p.m. Show, a 5.14a at Rifle Mountain Park, Colorado.

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