The last word in clogs for jocks

Feb 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

Go figure. Having borne for a thousand years the same relationship to fashion that the tater has to gastronomy, the lowly clog is now the hottest ticket in jockware. Merrell Performance Footwear has sold more than a million slip-ons since launching its line in May 2000, and most every other outdoor footwear firm, from Vasque to Salomon, offers clogs this season for your every need. But one company is poking fun at the backless fad. Last fall, technical-boot purveyor Montrail unveiled the world's first mountaineering clog. The VerClog, according to marketing director Boo Turner, is a Montrail Verglas technical alpine boot surgically altered by a cobbler. "It has a classic wood lasting board, so it's completely rigid for technical ascents and crampon techniques, such as frontpointing," she says. For reasons of public safety it's probably a good thing that (1) the VerClog is actually a spoof, (2) there's only one pair, and (3) it isn't for sale. On the other hand, it's a pity: If the current footwear mania reaches its inevitable conclusion and clog dancing sweeps the après-ski scene, the VerClog would kick some serious butt.

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