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A Definitive Directory to the Top Careers in the Outdoors

Dec 1, 1999
Outside Magazine

You could keep wedging climbing trips into long weekends, stealing moments from the work week to plot your next vacation expedition, or daydreaming about that river you've always wanted to run. But maybe what you should really do is start exploring whether it's possible to make a life (and a living) doing what you love outside—full-time.

Good news: It is. To prove it, we've ventured well beyond the classifieds to uncover dozens of the best-kept secrets in outdoor career choices, plus all the tools you'll need to land the gig—whether you're scouting for your first open-air job, mulling a midlife career swap, or just feeling tempted to rethink the overtime grind. And though most of these careers demand hard work and serious tradeoffs, one thing is certain: The perks are fantastic, and you'll be earning a lifetime supply of adventure. Check out the following pages, and let us know if you need a letter of recommendation.

Environmental Lawyer
Green Detective

Environmental Activist

Winter Alpine Ranger



Avalanche Forecaster
Race Organizer
Sponsored Athlete
Sailing Instructor
Ski Patroller
Equipment Tech Rep
Tent Designer
Bike Shop Associate
Expedition Doctor
Small-Plane Pilot
Trip Scout
Location Scout
Landscape Architect
Underwater Photographer
Marine Biologist
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